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Pool Guard Safety Pool Safety Nets offer unobstructed views for your backyard pool, spa, pond or water feature. Pool Safety Nets are designed to keep kids out of the water and safe while still preserving the view of your backyard.

Pool Guard Safety Nets are A.S.T.M compliant and are proven to protect children from swimming pools for over 20 years.

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How A Pool Safety Net Works in Tampa Bay

The Pool Guard Pool Safety Net is specifically designed as a barrier to help protect children from swimming pools, spas, ponds and other water features. Pool Guard Safety Nets are stretched over your pool, spa, pond or water feature and are anchored with flush mounted fasteners.

Every Pool Guard Safety Net is custom-shaped for your exact needs and installed by our professional installers. Once the Pool Guard Safety Net is installed and/or properly placed back on by the consumer, you can rest assure that your child will be safe and unable to make their way into the pool.

The removal of a Pool Guard- Pool Safety Net usually take 5-8 minutes on most average sized swimming pools. To take off the Pool Guard Safety Net, you simply release the tension of the center pulley system, allowing the net to relax on the water, then remove the clips or anchors and remove the net.

To replace the Pool Guard Safety Net simply reverse the removal process, it usually takes 8-10 minutes to replace or reinstall a net on an average size pools.

Pool Guard always recommends to place your net back on once you're finished swimming or if adult supervision is not present.

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