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Pool Guard offers top quality pool safety covers and Leaf covers at affordable prices
Tampa Pool Safety Covers: Keep your pool safe and keep the leaves out!

Safety Pool Covers: Safe, easy to use, and built to last After measuring your pool, we use computer-aided-design to create safety pool covers that fit perfectly ANY size or shape of pool. Without paying more, you get a strong, safe pool cover that meets or exceeds ASTM Standards ES1346-91 for pool safety covers, when properly installed. Pool Guard's superior hardware technology, with high performance stainless steel springs and sturdy brass anchors, makes your swimming pool covers safe and easy to use. In addition to premium materials we use, our construction is unsurpassed in the industry.

Pool Cover Showcase
Pool Cover Showcase

For example, we were the first to feature double webbing, which is stitching both on the top and all the way underneath – not just the first 18 inches underneath like most of our competitors. We also use triple-stitched bonded threads and add an”X” and box stitch at the perimeters for extra strength. The durability of our products allows us to offer a 15 Year Warranty - 3 Years Full Coverage. Our experienced installers have an eye for safety and will take note of any unique features in your pool environment that need to be addressed. How do we produce higher quality Products at competitive prices? It starts with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that includes computer-aided-design and a carefully engineered layout that maximizes efficiency.

Plus we handle many processes in-house that other manufacturers farm out. With our pool covers, this includes the all-important lock stitching. The result is higher quality, more efficient processes, and no internal shipping costs. It also means our work isn’t dependent on someone else’s schedule, so we get your swimming pool cover done on time!

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Pool Cover Showcase
All our safety pool covers come with:
  • A convenient storage bag, installation instructions, warranty, and cover care quide. It also includes all hardware installation pieces such a heavy-duty installation tool, tamping tool, spring covers, and Allen key.
  • Springs with specially designed bends that ensure there are no gaps between swimming pool and decking, keeping wind from blowing debris under the pool cover.
  • Built-in tamper resistance due to a special Installation tool we supply that is required to remove or install the pool cover
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